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Free Plan VS Paid Plan
Free Plan VS Paid Plan
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💡 VPLATE offers customized services for businesses of all sizes, from small business to large corporations. Choose a plan that fits your business's situation and needs to experience VPLATE

1️⃣ Free Plan VS Paid Plan

With VPLATE, you can start creating marketing videos automatically using over 3,000 design templates for free. You can switch to a paid plan when you need to use the videos for commercial purposes.

Free Plan

  • Start creating videos for free using 3,000 design templates.
    (3 renders per month allowed)

  • Access the scenario generation AI feature up to 3 times per month for free.

  • Enjoy additional features like custom functions for free.

  • Videos completed under the free plan include a watermark.

  • Videos with watermarks cannot be used for commercial purposes.

  • Edit and save expiry is 7 days from the video creation date.

  • Free Social Media upload trial available for 7 days from the Sign up date.

Paid Plan

  • Create unlimited videos without watermarks.

  • The scenario generation AI feature is available variably depending on the plan. (Starting from 100 uses)

  • All created videos can be used for commercial purposes.

  • Videos do not expire for the duration of the paid plan.

  • Unlimited use of the Social Media upload feature during the paid plan period.

  • Enterprise plans and above offer customized features such as team functions.

2️⃣ Single Payment

Feeling hesitant to switch to a paid plan?

You can opt for 'single payment' for individual videos.

Pay for only the videos you want, remove the watermark, and use them for commercial purposes.

  • A 'single payment' sets an expiry date of 1 month from the payment date.

  • Video without watermark can be used commercially.

Is there a free trial coupon?

VPLATE does not offer free services except for the Free Plan.

Participation in partnership programs with other services may allow you to use the service at a discounted rate or free for a certain period.

Is annual payment available?

Yes, it is!

Annual payment options are typically 10% cheaper than monthly payments.

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