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Commercial Use and Copyright
Commercial Use and Copyright
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1️⃣ Can videos produced on VPLATE be used commercially?

Videos created with the free plan include a watermark and cannot be used for commercial purposes. However, with the paid plan, all videos are watermark-free and can be used commercially anywhere, including on social media, TV, and outdoor advertising.

2️⃣ Can I download the background music provided by VPLATE separately?

The background music (BGM) provided by VPLATE can only be used when creating videos on VPLATE. Therefore, it cannot be downloaded separately. Extracting and downloading BGM through unauthorized means for use in video production elsewhere may result in copyright issues.

3️⃣ Can I use a video made with the free plan as a YouTube intro?

Videos made with the free plan include a watermark and are not suitable for commercial use. Using such videos for profit-oriented YouTube channels would violate VPLATE's terms of service. It is recommended to use the paid plan or make a single payment to use videos without watermarks.

4️⃣ For what purposes can videos produced on VPLATE be used?

Videos produced with the paid plan can be used for any commercial purpose without any limitations on usage or duration.

5️⃣ Are there any copyright issues with the designs and BGM provided by VPLATE?

The design templates and BGM provided by VPLATE are all proprietary works produced and owned by VPLATE. You can confidently use the service to create videos and use them for commercial purposes without concerns about copyright issues. In fact, videos created with VPLATE are being used in various SNS ads, TV commercials, and outdoor advertisements.

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