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Technical Issues and Support
Technical Issues and Support
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1️⃣ What should I do if the video I am editing disappears?

If you encounter a sudden issue on the editing page or a bug on the 'My Videos' page, it is recommended to refresh and reconnect. If the problem persists, please contact customer support for assistance in recovery.

2️⃣ Why does my video stay in 'waiting' status and not complete rendering?

VPLATE's rendering system processes one video at a time. If a previously requested video is still rendering, your current request will remain in the queue. Please wait for the rendering to complete, and videos will be processed in sequence. If there are no videos ahead in the queue and the issue still occurs, please contact customer support.

3️⃣ I'm working in the editor, but the progress percentage isn't increasing, and the 'Complete' button is not active. What should I do?

This could be due to a network error preventing data from being properly transmitted. Please refresh your browser in a stable network environment and reconnect. If the issue continues, contact customer support.

4️⃣ Why do I get a failure message when inserting an image?

When creating a video on VPLATE, you can upload and use your own images or videos. However, if the image or video has been incorrectly encoded elsewhere, it may be recognized as an incomplete file and cannot be processed. Also, transferring media files can lead to compression issues in device or cloud environments, potentially corrupting the file.

Please upload the original file adhering to the extension and maximum file size rules. If the problem persists, contact customer support for resolution.

5️⃣ What should I do if I cannot apply or modify an uploaded video?

First, check if a network error prevented the data from being transmitted correctly. Refresh your browser in a stable network environment and reconnect. If the issue continues, please contact customer support.

6️⃣ Why can't I upload videos taken with an iPhone?

VPLATE only supports uploading video files in mp4 format. The file extension of videos shot on mobile devices may vary by device, so it is recommended to convert them to mp4 format before using or directly upload the file by accessing the service on a mobile device.

7️⃣ Why does the quality of videos produced by VPLATE decrease when uploaded to Instagram?

Typically, transferring a video produced on VPLATE through mobile messaging apps to mobile before uploading to Social Media can cause issues. Mobile messaging apps often compress video files to facilitate data transmission, which can degrade quality and corrupt the file.

Therefore, it is recommended to use VPLATE's direct upload feature or transfer the downloaded video via email or other methods before uploading to Social Media.

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