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Why Should Video Marketing Contain Short Story?
Why Should Video Marketing Contain Short Story?
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💡 Video's greatest strength is its ability to deliver a message over time. In today's era of short-form content, create a brief story and produce a typographic video ad.

What is storytelling? 🧐

As the name suggests, storytelling means "telling a story". All the dramas, movies, and webtoons that we easily come across are based on storytelling.

A story is composed of four main components.

Message(Topic) + Conflict(Problem) + Characters + Plot(Composition)

How you combine and express these things can have a significant impact on the viewer's interest and attention.

Storytelling in Short-form Video Content! 👆

Short-form videos have limited timeframes of around 1 hour, so they often use a structure that quickly maximizes a problem and leads to a conclusion.

So, let me introduce what types of storytelling are mainly used in short-form videos. Create a great promotional video for your product or service, and maximize your advertising performance.

1️⃣ Personal Empathy

The most commonly used format in advertising materials that apply storytelling is to present the persona of the customers who will use our products and services and suggest their problems and solutions.

Customers who are familiar with personalized services respond to messages that address their own situations or characteristics, so the format that empathizes based on personas greatly helps improve advertising performance.


  • Product: Credit Card A

  • Persona: Male B in his 30s who has just started golfing

  • Objective: Encourage credit card application

  • Advertisement story:

How about playing golf at the ABC resort this weekend, where you can easily score a hole-in-one? Receive a 15% discount with A card.

2️⃣ Twist

Storytelling that leads to a twist is one way to increase audience awareness by presenting an immersive situation and then providing an unexpected outcome.

This approach is also very useful for emphasizing the features of our product or service, so try to capture the hearts of our customers with a well-thought-out composition!


  • Product: Snorkeling Package

  • Introduction: Stuttering

  • Purpose: Product sales

  • Advertising Story:

Do you feel unmotivated and want to be alone all the time? It may be stuttering.

Don't let it stop you from living your life to the fullest.

3️⃣ Parody

Parodying well-known masterpieces or popular movie lines can provide customers with enjoyment while also creating a positive image of our brand.

Offer customers a pleasant experience through amusing content parody and engage in positive communication with them.


  • Product: Condom

  • Original Content: Kingsman [Manners Maketh Man]

  • Parody: Manners Don't Make Man

  • Purpose: Product Sales

  • Ad Story:

Manner, Don't, Make the man.

Magical moment, Ultra thin condom

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